A challenge many homeowners face is having too much stuff but not enough space in their home to fit it. If your current home is lacking storage or closet space, there are a few things you can do to create some extra storage room. Here are five tips you can use to increase your household storage space.

Get Furniture that Multitasks

A smart way to increase your household storage is to get furniture that not only looks great but provides extra storage. Storage ottomans, small chests, trunks, and beds and couches with hidden storage compartments are perfect pieces to have in your home as they can stash magazines, seasonal items, throw blankets, and games. And even though e-books are becoming more popular nowadays, bookcases still can have a place in your home to display décor and store other items.

A white kitchen with brown wood shelves holding plates and mugs.

Your wall space can also be used as storage as well.

Think Vertically

Your wall space can also be used as storage as well. Shelving can be placed on the wall above your bedside table to store books and family photos and can be placed in the kitchen to store your plates and mugs. You can even use your ceiling to help you store things! Hang a ceiling rack in your kitchen to store your pots and pans. This way, you uniquely display your cookware while also freeing up cabinet or pantry space.

Utilize Backs of Doors

Don’t forget the backs of doors! You may already be using your bathroom door to hang towels and bathrobes, but you can apply that same idea to other doors around your home. The back of your kitchen pantry door can be a perfect spot for aprons and kitchen towels. The kid’s bedroom doors can have hanging cubbies to hold toys. And closet doors can hold extra shoes and bags in hanging compartments. There are many different ways to utilize back-of-door storage for your home!

Use Accents That are Pretty and Functional

Pretty lidded jars, decorative boxes, bowls, and baskets can beautify your space while also being discrete storage spaces. These functional little accents can store your keys, TV remotes, and other small items that can be hard to keep track of.

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All Secure Storage can help you have more household storage space!

Get a Storage Unit

One of the best ways to increase your household storage space is to get yourself a storage unit. If you’ve got too much stuff at home, you don’t have to sell or donate your things for the sake of space. A storage unit can store your seasonal items, furniture pieces, electronics, clothing, and more safely and securely until you need them. All Secure Storage is here to help you out. We are the go-to storage provider for the Western Slopes. With convenient locations in Montrose, Fruita, and Grand Junction, we’ve got your storage needs covered.