Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to handle your self-storage. Just like anything else, there are a few tips that can help you make the most out of your storage experience. Whether you are storing things for a few months or are storing more long-term, these storage do’s and don’ts will help you store your belongings the right way.

Do get a self-storage unit close to you

Montrose CO Storage Facility with San Juan Mountain Views

Picking an easily accessible storage facility is a good choice. 

If you’ll be accessing your unit regularly, you’ll want to have your storage unit building close by. Driving an hour to grab some things might seem like not a big deal, but the time can add up.

The further away your unit is, the more it will feel like a chore. And when you do use it, it will be a huge time and energy sink for you. A good storage unit is one that’s usefully located near you, so check to see where a storage facility is closest to your work or home.

Don’t store things you’re not supposed to

Unfortunately, there are certain items you can’t put in your storage unit. This includes flammable items, food, plants, or any organic matter. Temperatures can spike and cause flammable objects to ignite, so keep them out of your self-storage unit to preserve your belongings and the property around it. Also, storage units are unfortunately not meant to be used as pantries or refrigerators. Any food, plant, or organic matter left in your unit will spoil. This can lead to an awful smell at best, and a pest infestation or hazardous mold at worst. Leave these things out of your unit!

Do get the right size unit

No matter what you need to store, storage units come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and budget. That’s what makes getting one so great! A small 5’x10’ unit is ideal for a person looking to temporarily store their items. On the flip side, a 10’x10’ unit can store the items of five bedrooms.

If you rent a unit that’s too big for what you’re storing, you’ll be wasting your money. You also don’t want to get a unit where your stuff can’t fit. If you need help deciding on a unit size, don’t hesitate to call up the storage facility so you can discuss your options.

Don’t store your valuables

Even with a secure storage facility and perfect self-storage protocol, things can go wrong and accidents can happen. Storage unit insurance is great to save you from financial issues if an accident does happen, but it won’t be able to replace your most valuable belongings, especially ones that are sentimental or one-of-a-kind. To save yourself from potential heartache, store your valuable items at home.

Do stack and store smartly

Labeling boxes and making a log is a smart way to store belongings. 

Stacking and storing your items smartly can help you maximize your unit and keep track of where everything is.

To stack smart, buy boxes that are uniform in size. This will help your stacks sit flush so there’s no wasted space. Also, place bulkier boxes on the bottom of your stack, and lighter, smaller boxes at the top. To store smart, labeling boxes and making a log of what items you put where will help you keep track of your belongings and stay organized.

Don’t overcrowd your unit

An overcrowded unit can not only be a headache to sort through but can be a danger to you as well.

Don’t stack boxes too high. If the stack is over your head, it can potentially topple on to you and cause harm. Also, don’t put so much in your self-storage unit that you can’t easily access everything. Climbing over boxes to reach your belongings in the back is a bad idea. Instead, make walkways in your unit so that you’re able to get to everything.

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