Moving Truck Rentals in Montrose

Here’s what you can expect:

  • $15 Introductory Offer
  • Moving Trucks Available 7 Days A Week
Moving Truck Rentals in Montrose and Grand Junction

Yes!! All Secure Storage offers moving truck rentals to assist our existing customers in your move. If you have rented one of our storage units and are in our system, our moving trucks are available to you.

As an introductory offer, our moving trucks will be available for new customers at only $15.00! This small fee is to cover insurance on our trucks and a current valid Drivers License. We cannot accept any other form of identification for the trucks. All we ask is that the moving truck is brought back with the same amount of fuel you left with.

Family moving into All Secure Storage

Our Moving Trucks are not huge, but they are not small. We have 10′ x 20′ Box Trucks for your use. They sit on a Pick Up Truck front end and have Dual wheels in the back end. They are not hard to drive, and actually are quite enjoyable. Regardless, you can fit an A.S.S. load of stuff in them.

Our low fee of $15.00 is for half a day of use. We count 10 hour days, so 5 hours beginning when you pick it up (The trucks are rented from 7am – 9:00 pm). You will need to schedule that with the office manager who can be reached by phone or e-mail.

Rental Hours

Moving truck rentals, scheduling, and use is available
7 days a week from 7am – 9pm.

Schedule Today!

To schedule and get set up, please contact our manager at