Are you an outdoor person with a lot of camping gear? If you live in Colorado, odds are, you are! Don’t let your gear take up precious space at home, you can free up space at home when you store your camping gear in a storage unit. Once you get into outdoor hobbies, like many Coloradans do, your gear adds up quickly. Get the most out of your camping adventure, and your gear when you organize it before your trip. This allows you to not only get the most out of your equipment, but it allows you to make sure you have everything you need for your trip. After gathering your camping gear, chances are you’ll end up having more than you even realize. Don’t let organizing and storing that camping gear stress you out, with the easy access of a storage unit close to home, you can have it all while keeping your gear safe and secure!

Gather Your Camping Gear 

various camping items

The first step to begin your organizing process may seem obvious, but you’ll need to take a moment to gather your existing supplies and gear. This will help you visualize what camping equipment you have available, along with what you don’t have. A good way to visualize what you have, and what you’ll need is by laying everything out in a garage or living room. This will also allow you to see what you may have copies of, that way you can leave these items in your storage unit, rather than packing along extra baggage on your trip.

Decide How You Want Items Organized 

camping gear stored in a backpack

A lot of your camping gear can be organized within itself. You should make piles for different types of camping scenarios, and place the necessary items required for each type. Once you organize the items you need for a specific type of camping adventure can you use the backpack and other gear you’ll be bringing and using on your trip to store and transport some of the items. Another good thing for organizing is to do so according to weather or seasons. If you tend to go camping in the same area but in a range of seasons, make Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter camping kits. .The fact that a lot of your camping gear can be organized within itself and separated by scenarios and seasons will cut down on the need for as many storage containers, and you’ll only need to rent a small storage unit. Your self storage unit will come in handy for storing and organizing off-season or unneeded camping gear.

Inventory Your Gear

camping preperation checklist

Now that you’ve organized your camping gear into specific piles, you should take inventory. This is a great way to make sure you have the gear you need, and figure out what you are missing. Now your gear will be easy to put into containers in order to keep it organized and protected in your storage unit. Camping gear inventories can also work well as checklists. Before you go on a camping trip, take stock of what you’ve packed and make sure everything is where it should be. This degree of organization makes it easy to grab what you need from your storage unit, and head-off on your trip without being stressed about packing your gear.

Label Everything

a box for storing camping gear

Now that you’ve organized your camping equipment and it’s ready to be put into containers and stored in your storage unit, don’t forget to label everything! Labeling will help tremendously when organizing and storing your gear, and it saves time down the road. Now that you’ve taken steps to organize your camping gear beforehand, you can simply grab what gear you need for your tip, and when you get back from camping you can simply clean your gear and pack it all into the appropriate boxes.

Here are some general labels to help get you started.

  • Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring Camping/Hiking Gear
  • X Person Tent
  • Camping/Hiking Equipment – Snow/Sun/Rain
  • Camping/Hiking with Kids
  • Long Haul Camping/Hiking
  • Weekend Camping/Hiking Trips
  • Solo Camping/Hiking
  • Car Camping

Now that you have all your gear organized and ready for storage, all you need is a storage unit! We offer many different sizes of storage units, and the best part about our units is you don’t have to worry about waiting for the facility to open so that you can get your camping gear and go, they are accessible 24/7!

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