Self Storage

Affordable Storage for Residential & Commercial

All Secure Storage makes it as convenient as possible to rent storage units. Whether you are remodeling offices or organizing extra household items, we have great storage options for your needs. With 24/7 access both online and at our facilities, we make it easy to reserve our storage units and pay your bill.

Storage Facility in Grand Junction

Manager is One Call or Email Away

A manager is available at all our All Secure Storage Locations. Whether you have questions or concerns, we have a manager that is accessible 24/7 by phone or e-mail. Our friendly staff is always willing to help you with securing your storage unit or using our moving trucks for your convenience.

Please take advantage of our willingness to help you make your stay with us as easily as possible.

Do It Yourself Access

All Secure Storage understands that being able to access your items 24/7 is important. Everyone has busy lives, and having to race the clock to make it within “store hours” is more than inconvenient. Our “Do It Yourself” online access allows you to not only reserve a storage unit, but allows you to pay for it and create your access code all at the same time.

Moving Semi Truck Unloading into All Secure Storage

We can handle big A.S.S. rigs!

All Secure Storage was designed to fit large semi trucks to make your Colorado storage unit easily accessible for unloading moving trucks. Moving companies can easily pull in through our gates and drive around our roomy storage facility.