Self-storage doesn’t have to require long-term commitment. In fact, self-storage can be the perfect solution for your short-term storage needs. Here are some of the most popular ways you can use a storage unit rental for the short term.

Putting Your House on the Market

If you’re looking to sell your house, a short-term storage option may be the perfect solution for you. When staging your home, you want it to be free of clutter (including the closets). Storing your extra stuff in a unit will keep your house clean and ready to go for any showing, and you won’t have to worry about nosy home buyers peeking in your junk closet.

It’s also handy to have a storage unit for when you sell your home. In today’s market, it’s difficult to sell a home and move straight into another. Short-term storage will allow you to shift all your furniture and belongings into a safe spot until your new purchase is made.

Man and woman painting the walls of their home with newspaper and paint supplies around them.

To protect your belongings during a renovation, put them in a storage unit until the project is complete!

Renovating Your Home

Renovating a home is an exciting but messy process. Dust, dirt, paint, and the upheaval process can cause your belongings to become ruined. Or, if furniture is in the way, it can slow down the renovation schedule. Clear out your furniture, art, clothes, and whatever else might get in the way and store them in a secure unit. Once the renovation is complete, you can bring them back to your beautiful new home!

Seasonal Décor & Equipment

Seasonal home décor and sports equipment can clutter up your basement or garage when you’re not using them. Keeping these items in short-term storage means they won’t crowd your home and you can use the space more productively.

Life Changes

Losing a loved one, going through a divorce, or moving in with your partner are unexpected times where you might have more possessions than available space to keep them. And when you’re trying to find your footing after a major change, long-term storage can seem like too much. Short-term is a great alternative because you know your belongings will be kept safe for when you need them and you don’t have to risk throwing anything away because you don’t have the space.

Storing Student Belongings

For students studying away from home with leases that end before summer, bringing everything home with you just isn’t an option. It’s just too much stuff! Not to mention if you did, you’ll have to pack and bring everything back with you when the holiday is over. Simplify the process and find a student storage solution close to your university to store all your belongings safely while you’re away.

Small business owner woman sitting at desk smiling at laptop with paint brushes and supplies around her.

A storage unit for the short term will buy you some time before you move into an office to accommodate your growth.

Start-Up Business Inventory

Starting a new business is nerve-wracking and exciting, especially when it starts to grow. It’s important to keep in mind that new businesses take up more space than owners predict, especially if they’re product-based. Soon, you’ll be swimming in inventory, tools, and documents. For your new business, consider using a short-term storage unit. It’ll buy you some time before you move into an office to accommodate your growth.

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