Whether you’re decluttering, moving, or just need somewhere to store your golf clubs, self-storage units are the best way to store your stuff. Here’s our list of the most popular stored items and a few tips and tricks on how to store them.


The most popular stored items? Furniture! Lots of people end up with furniture that has no place but is too good to let go of. These are our tips for furniture storage:

  • Disassemble large furniture and keep the screw with the furniture in little bags.
  • Use drawers and cupboards as extra storage! Just make sure the drawers are clean and that you don’t overstuff them.
  • Wax any wooden furniture and polish anything metal to protect its finish.
  • Corrugated cardboard is the perfect thing to use on glass or mirrors to protect them while in storage.
Tools organized neatly inside a toolbox.

Tools and spare parts come in as a close second as most popular stored items. 

Tools & Spare Parts

People like to store their tools and spare parts in their storage unit to keep them out of the way. We can’t argue with that! Here’s how to store them:

  • Toolboxes are an obvious choice when it comes to storing your tools neatly. But if you have other random bits and bobs that don’t fit in it, jam jars with labels are a great option.
  • Shelving in your unit can be extremely helpful to display and organize everything.
  • Before going into storage, make sure your tools are cleaned, dry, and ready to go. Moisture and dirt can cause corrosion and ruin your tools.


Electronics are very popular stored items. Whether they’re newer or old and sentimental, here are some tips for storing them:

  • Don’t put everything into one box as you’ll mix everything up and not be able to which parts go to what later on. If you’re able to, put things in original packaging. If that’s not an option, make sure you store all of the electronics pieces in the same box and label them.
  • Computers need to be properly stored as any static could result in short circuits. Place any small parts in an anti-static bag and put polystyrene around monitors, desktops, and laptops.

Art & Antiques

If your family has a lot of family antiques and valuable art, putting them in storage is a way to keep them safe and secure. Let’s go over a few tips for these popularly stored items:

  • Avoid stacking wall art. Instead, place them vertically (and off the floor) with cardboard or dust sheets separating them. This way, it keeps the pressure off the frames and glass and avoids any unfortunate broken frame mishaps.
  • Avoid placing plastic wrap on paintings. This can trap moisture and breed mold or mildew which can be extremely difficult to remove later on.
  • When it comes to larger antiques, bubble wrap, dust sheets or blankets will keep them safe and dust-free while in storage.
A Christmas tree decorated and set up in a living room with a fire place going. One of the popular stored items in storage units.

Storage units are the perfect place to store holiday decor until next season!

Seasonal Items

Many people place extra costumes, lights, and home décor in storage, making it some of the most popular stored items! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when storing them for next holiday season:

  • When packing, you’re bound to have a mix of heavy and delicate items together in some boxes. Keep those delicate Christmas tree ornaments on top so you don’t crack or crush them.
  • Give your future self the gift of untangled lights! Wrap lights around paper towel tubes and secure the ends inside the rolls.
  • Clean and dry costumes well before storing, so you can avoid any unpleasant smells or mildew.
  • Turn EVERYTHING off, and check it twice. With all the battery-powered home décor and accessories, making sure batteries are turned off can save them for next season (and save you money!).

Music & Sports Equipment

Whether it’s your old band’s equipment you can’t quite part with or your beloved golf clubs, putting your music and sports equipment in storage is a great idea. Here’s how to store your sports good or musical equipment:

  • No matter the sports equipment – hockey, tennis, or football – make sure it’s clean before it goes in. This will keep them safe from any lasting damage.
  • Storing golf clubs is pretty simple. A golf bag with rain covers over the clubs should keep them together, clean, and free from any dust.
  • Covers and bags are the way to go when storing music equipment. If you don’t have a padded bag, place a clean towel or two in the bag to pad it out. This will keep the equipment safe from any accidental falls or bumping around when you’re moving it in and out of storage.
  • Don’t forget amps and speakers! Storing them as is in your unit might seem like the way to go, but dust can settle in the crevices and be a pain to clean out. Cover them with a blanket or dust sheet to keep the dust at bay.

Keeping Your Stuff Safe at All Secure Storage

With these tips, these most stored items will be kept clean and safe. And if you’re looking for a self-storage unit in the Western Slopes, All Secure Storage is the go-to storage provider. With convenient locations in Montrose, Fruita, and Grand Junction, we’ve got your storage needs covered. The best part? You can reserve and rent your storage unit all online!