Are you renting an apartment that doesn’t seem to provide enough room? We are here to help you with some storage ideas! These ideas will help you utilize the space you do have, but it may not always be enough to store all of your belongings. We offer both large and small self storage units for your extra stuff that just doesn’t seem to have a place in your apartment. Belongings that take up valuable space at home but are not often used, can be stored safe in a storage unit. Utilize your apartment space with these tips.

1.Hideaway Help

We all have belongings we may not necessarily need, but still have them anyway. Maybe you have a lot of clothes, or shoes. Maybe you like to scrapbook, or do crafts. Maybe you have kids and there are a lot of toys laying aroud. Whatever it may be that you have extra of, the answer for storage? Hide them!

Hiding your stuff doesn’t have to look ugly and cluttered. Use smart storage solutions. If the containers are going to be visible you can try using nicer looking containers such as wooven baskets, fabric storage bins, or nice looking plastic ones. There is also the option for under the bed storage for items you don’t use as often. You can get plastic containers with wheels on them for storing items under the bed.

woven hideaway storage bins

2.Convenient & Collapsible

If you have a smaller apartment, you may not have room for things like a kitchen table and chairs. But, a collapsible table and foldaway chairs can be life-savers in apartments with limited space.

fold up table and chairs in the living room

3. Busy Bathroom Baskets

There is a cheap and clever way to keep your busy, cluttered bathroom organized. The solution? Basket storage. Take a stroll around Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and you’ll be sure to find what you need. You may end up losing three hours of your time looking and gadgets you never knew you needed, but you’re sure to find the storage containers that you need for your bathroom storage.

bathroom storage bins hung on the wall

4. Wasted Walls

When figuring out storage in an apartment, of course you have to be crafty. Walls might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about storage, but don’t waste wall space, it’s actually a handy place to store stuff in your apartment. We don’t mean in the walls, but on the walls. Hang everything on the walls! You will be amazed at how much space you can save, and how good it can look when you use your creative eye.

a bike stored in an apartment

5. Seriously Save with Shelves

Put shelves everywhere! Shelves are a secret weapon when it comes to storage in an apartment. You can hang shelves on the wall, or use standing shelves (if you have the room that is).

wall shelf in an apartment with items on it

6. Capitalize on Cupboards Creatively

Sure, in a small apartment, you probably have a small kitchen. This doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up in the kitchen when it comes to cooking your meals. With the right imagination and a good set of spices, you can create tasty meals. All of these spices are not going to be friendly for storage. Unless you do it the creative way! Use the inside of your cupboards to optomize kitchen storage.

kitchen cabinet being used for storage

7. Pots & Pans Pegboard

We mentioned optimizing your kitchen stoage and apartment walls for storage. This creative storage idea combines both of those tips. Of course, if you’re going to spice it up in the kitchen, you need your pots and pans! Get kitchen clutter in order with a pegboard and some hooks. This is a great way to storage your pots and pans, open up space, and utilize kitchen storage once again.

pegboard used to store pots and pans in the kitchen

8. Simple Shoe Holder Storage

You know those behind the door shoe holders? Well they are a win-win when it comes to apartment storage. These don’t just have to be used for shoes, and even better? They’re cheap! Don’t let your mind be limited when it comes to storing items in these. You can store whatever you want in these behind the door shoe holders.

over the door shoe holder used to store household items

These tips are handy for everyday items you have in your apartment, but if you have bigger items, or your space still isn’t big enough for all of your items, a mini storage unit is a great way to keep extra items stored safely.

We offer mini storage units at an affordable price!

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