Let’s get your holiday decor storage under control this year! It’s not the most fun part of the festive season, but utilizing our tips can help you save time storing and retrieving items for the holidays next year.

Group Like Items

The easiest holiday decor storage tip we have is to group your items. Grouping by holiday is the simplest, but sometimes one holiday can have a lot of stuff spread about in multiple boxes. To help you organize things further, try grouping decorations within each holiday or season. Group by color, material, purpose/function, or which area of the house they go in. By making those groups, you’ll easily find all your orange Halloween items or gold ornaments for decorating next year!

Store Your Artificial Greenery Right

Artificial wreaths and Christmas trees should be able to last you many years, so storing them correctly is important. Wreaths are delicate and can be crushed easily, so cover them in a bag, like a dry-cleaning bag, and hang them up when storing. This will keep them fluffy and full while in storage.

For your artificial Christmas tree, storing them in their original box is ideal. If you don’t have it, don’t worry! There are a few other options for you. If you have extra plastic storage bins, you can take apart your tree and store them in a few. Another option is to wrap your entire tree tightly with cling wrap and simply place it in storage. When it’s time to put up the tree next year, you just cut through the plastic and fluff out the branches. All that’s left to do is decorate!

Don’t Forget Costumes and Linens

No matter if it’s Halloween costumes or holiday tablecloths, it’s important to make sure your clothing and linen items are clean before storing them. Oil, food, and clothing stains are harder to clean the longer they sit in storage, not to mention these left-over stains can attract bugs. Treat stains before you forget them, and dry your items well before stowing them away.

Protect Your Decorations

Few things are more frustrating than opening up a box and seeing tangled lights, smashed ornaments, and broken Hanukkah candles. Here are ways to avoid ruined decorations.

For Christmas lights, it can be difficult to tell the outdoor ones from indoor ones apart. Before storing them for the season, label which ones are which with a small piece of masking tape. To avoid untangling lights next year, wrap lights around a clothes hanger or piece of cardboard.

Christmas tree ornaments will be kept safe in ornament-specific containers. But if you don’t have any, stop by your local grocery store and grab some bottle boxes. Remember: do not put any heavy boxes on top of your ornaments in storage.

Tapered Hanukkah candles can be delicate, but clever storage will help them last for years. Store tapered candles in paper towel or toilet paper rolls stuffed with tissues. Make sure to keep them away from warm temperatures so they don’t melt and cause a mess.

White wrapping paper and red ribbon on a grey table, ready for holiday decor storage.

To avoid creased or damaged wrapping paper, stick your rolls in a laundry hamper or garment bag.

Keep Your Wrapping Supplies Safe

To avoid creased or damaged wrapping paper, stick your rolls in a laundry hamper or garment bag. It will keep them safely standing upright and not ripped or unraveled against the wall in your closet. For wrapping accessories like ribbons, tissue paper, tape, and tags, put them in a small box or hanging closet organizer.

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Store Your Decor Safely in the Offseason

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