Moving to a new place is never stress-free, but kids can make it even more challenging. Here are a few tips to make moving with kids go as smoothly as possible!

Start Packing Earlier than You Think

Kids can make even the smallest task take twice as long. So instead of trying to rush and pack all their things at the last minute, save yourself the stress and plan to pack earlier than you think. If your child is young, packing boxes while they’re asleep will avoid them unpacking anything and slowing down your progress.

A boy with brown curly hair and a yellow rain coat hugging his light brown teddy bear, covering his nose and mouth.

Your child’s comfort items are going to be important to them before, during, and especially after the move. Be sure you don’t pack them away. 

Avoid Packing Your Child’s Beloved Objects

Your home is likely going to become a tumbled mess while you pack up. The urge to pack up all your kid’s toys to get them out of the way may be strong, but hold off. Their comfort items are going to be important to them before, during, and especially after the move. Throwing them in a box might help your sanity now, but it could cause problems down the road when you don’t know where you packed their favorite teddy bear. Ask them what couple of items they’d like to keep close during the move and make sure those go in a tote bag that you can bring in the car.

Keep Things Organized

Okay, easier said than done. But this tip can make moving with kids a little more organized! Sometimes, you might be moving before house hunting, so you don’t know what the new house may look like or even how many rooms it may have. One safe way to label boxes no matter what your new place looks like is to color code with duct tape. Assign colors to people and categories of items. For example, your daughter can be green, your son can be blue, and your kitchen items can be yellow. All the boxes that contain your daughter’s items will be marked with a stripe of green duct tape. That way, you’ll know where to immediately put boxes in your new place for quick and easy unpacking.

Stick to Routines

In the chaos of moving, routines and schedules will help ground kids. The more predictability you can give, the more you cut down on their uncertainty and stress as well as help them adjust quicker. Also, don’t add more changes for them. This isn’t the time to transition your child from a crib to a toddler bed at the new home.

Keep a Positive Attitude

It’s hard to be positive during the entire moving process. But kids are going to take the same attitude to the relocation that you do. If you’re cheerful, upbeat, and excited, they’ll sing the same tune. This is especially important while you settle into your new home, as your kids might experience some anxiety.

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