No matter what the reason behind your need for a storage unit cleanout, it’s not an exciting task. We get that chaos and dread might be associated with your upcoming cleanout. But All Secure Storage is here to make it as successful (and hopefully painless) as possible! Here are some of our tips for completing a storage unit cleanout.

A Game Plan

It’s always good to go into something, especially cleaning out a cluttered storage unit, with a game plan.

Your first step is going to be taking inventory. Take a pen and paper with you and jot down all the larger items you can immediately see. Open and look inside as many boxes as you can and take a quick inventory of their contents as well. Having a rough inventory before you start sorting will help you know what work you have ahead of you.

Cardboard box with the label "keep" on the front.

Having four boxes – keep, store, sell, and toss – will help you sort your storage unit easier. 

The second step is going to be sorting. But don’t go into it headfirst or you’ll soon be overwhelmed by all your things. The Four-Box Declutter method is a very effective way to sort through items on a larger scale. The premise behind this technique is to use four empty boxes for sorting. The boxes will be:

  • The Keep Box – this includes items you want to hold onto and bring home.
  • The Store Box – these are things that will stay put in storage.
  • The Donate/Sell Box – for items you plan to sell or donate.
  • The Toss Box – anything that’s broken beyond repair and needs to be tossed.

Stay on Task and Get the Job Done

The biggest mistake when it comes to a storage unit cleanout? Not getting the job done in your scheduled time frame. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with such a daunting task. But eventually, this job will have to get done!

To get the job done, enlist the help of friends. They will help you get the cleanout done faster and won’t have an emotional attachment to your stuff. They’ll be able to help you make rational decisions about whether you should keep, sell, donate, or toss any item in question.

Here are a few important pointers to remember while decluttering to stay on track:

  • Don’t take on large, random areas. Start with a single small area, and finish it before going on to another area.
  • Challenge yourself to get rid of unneeded items. Try not to bring too many belongings home with you. Challenge yourself to let go of most of your items, so you don’t create a mess elsewhere.
  • Have a spot for everything you’re removing. If you’re doing a cleanout of your storage unit for good, make sure everything you’re removing has a spot like in a garage or basement.

Sell and Rid Yourself of Your Stuff

If you followed the steps above for your storage unit cleanout, you should have all your belongings in four separate sections. Now is the time to remove everything.

First, remove all trash from your unit and haul it away to the dumpster. For items that you’re donating, load them into your car and drop them off at a donation site. If there are too many items, contact your local thrift store or donation center and see if they can do a free pickup. Next, load your vehicle with all the items going back home with you. The last step is for you to sell the remaining items. If you’re able to keep them in your unit while you find them new homes, great! If not, then pack them up in your vehicle and move them all to a location for further processing.

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A storage unit cleanout is a big task, so use these tips to be best prepared. If you need some help moving your items, rent a moving truck from us! We’re here to make your storage experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

If you’re looking for a storage unit in Montrose, Fruita, Grand Junction, or elsewhere in the Western Slope, we’ve got your storage and moving needs covered.