Having an organized office space is crucial for staying productive. Whether your office is in the corner of your home or in its own room, you can create a space that’s organized by choosing the right storage solutions. To help you get started, here are some of our favorite practical home office storage ideas.

Choose the Right Desk

The most important aspect of your office space is your desk. So, finding a desk that fits your needs can help solve a lot of storage issues. When shopping for a new desk, look for ones that have proper drawer space or attached shelving. This will help keep your more important items close at hand in an easily accessible (and organized) way.

A home office underneath a set of white stairs.

Floating shelves look nice and keep your space organized.

Utilize Wall Space

If you’re strapped for floor space in your office, get creative and take advantage of vertical storage! Mount folders, storage bins, or baskets to the wall to free up desk space and create an easy filing system. Floating shelves are decorative and can be a hub for your office supplies. A pegboard can also help you save room in your drawers and allow you to display important items.

Reuse Household Items

When it comes to home office storage ideas, it can be easy to get carried away with purchasing all new stuff. But you don’t have to go out and buy things just to organize your office. In fact, if you’re looking for budget-friendly ideas, look no further than what you’ve got hanging around your house! Old mason and candle jars are great for storing pens and pencils on your desk. Cookie tins can keep loose paper clips or thumbtacks in order. And tea containers can store sticky notes or note cards.

Take Advantage of Closet Space

If your home office is in an extra bedroom, the attached closet will be your new storage best friend. Take advantage of pre-existing shelves to store bins of supplies, or add movable cabinets to make the most of the space. If you have an extra shoe organizer lying around the house, you can hang it on the back of the closet to store binder clips, staples, and rolls of tape for a cheap and versatile storage option.

A grey filing cabinet, a good thing to get for home office storage.

Filing cabinets are office staples for a reason – they keep all your paper documents in order!

Invest in Filing Cabinets

Even in the digital age, paper storage is important, especially if you’re running an at-home business and need to keep track of records or receipts. Filing cabinets are an office staple, and for good reason; they’re a classic storage solution and they’re good at what they do! You can find a wide range of options at any home office supply store.

Don’t Forget Cord Organization

Technology is great, but all the cords that come with it are not. With computer charger cables, phone cables, HDMI cords, USB cables, and adapter cables, it can make your office a mess of wires. And the last thing you want to do is get the cables all tangled up or trip on a loose cord. A cable organizer is the perfect solution for keeping everything organized. If you label them, then not only will you know which cord is which, but you’ll be able to immediately find which outlet each cord goes to.

Keep it Clean

To keep your organization habits in check, continue to keep up with them. Clean and declutter regularly, keep cables in the right spot, and make sure you put things back in their drawer or basket. If you start feeling like these home office storage ideas are no longer working because you’re running out of space, it might be time to move some items into a self-storage unit. It’s an easy and affordable way to store your things and you can utilize your storage space for other belongings as well.

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