Running out of office space for your business files and documents? Storage units are a great option! Here are some recommendations for storing business files safely and securely in a storage unit.

Choose the Right Place

Choosing the right storage location is the first and perhaps most important step for storing business files. You don’t want your business to be too far away if you need access regularly. So, choosing a facility close to your building, or centrally located if you have many locations, is a good idea.

You’ll also want to ensure the storage facility is secure. While storage facilities are usually very safe places, you’ll want to double-check their security measures. Do they have a fence or other barrier to entry? Does the electronic gate access require a pin or entry card? Is there round-the-clock camera surveillance? These security measures are essential and shouldn’t be overlooked if they don’t have any.

Sort and Thin Documents

While self-storage is affordable, more space means more money. To avoid spending more on a bigger unit, you’ll want to thin out any documents you don’t truly need. Not to mention fewer business files means fewer boxes you’ll have to pack and bring over!

Go through and sort everything into three categories before you move in. Those categories are Keep, Recycle, and Shred. Any sensitive documents you no longer need you’ll want to shred, but anything less classified you can save some time and simply recycle them.

Use the Proper Boxes

If you’re going to access these documents any time in the future, you can’t just throw them in a box and stick them in storage. You’ll want them in good condition if you need them. Special file boxes are perfect for business records and papers as they allow you to keep everything organized. Be sure to pack similar documents in the same box, and always make sure the box is full before filling the next one.

Once your boxes are all filled, label the outside of them. Try and add as much detail as possible. This way, if an employee were to go to the unit, they’ll be able to locate documents quickly without having to rifle through the entire unit. For example, adding the year and type of record stored will make for an easy starting point when looking for a certain file.

Organize Unit for Easy Access

When you unload your boxes into the unit, make sure business files that you need or use the most are in the front. You should also create clear walking paths between stacks so you and your employees remain safe as they search for records. Shelving units or filing cabinets are great options for adding to your unit for extra organization.

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