Figuring out which size storage unit you need to place your belongings in can be a bit difficult. You don’t want to end up with a space that’s too big or too small. Here are some tips to help you choose the right storage unit size for your needs!

Determine the Purpose of Your Storage Unit

Knowing how and why you need a storage unit in the first place will help you make a decision on how big it needs to be. Common questions to ask yourself might be:

  • Do I need temporary storage for a move?
  • Do I need to store some items indefinitely?
  • Will I be rotating items in and out of the unit?
  • Will I be storing inventory for my expanding business?

It’s important to know how often the items in your unit will be changing. The function of the unit will have an impact on the storage unit size that makes the most sense. For example, if you’re going to be storing things for your expanding business, renting a larger unit than you might need will help you fit your growth. But if you’re only storing items for a temporary move, pick a unit to fit your initial belongings. In this situation, the amount of stuff in your storage likely won’t change.

Create an Inventory

You might have an idea of what you’ll be storing, but walking through your house with a pen and paper can be helpful. You might not realize how much stuff you need to store until you actually make an inventory. You can split your list into sections of what you need to take now and what you think you’ll want to store in the future to help narrow down your storage unit size choice. When making your inventory, also be sure to note how many boxes and how many pieces of furniture you’ll store.

Measure What You’re Storing

There’s no sense in getting a storage unit bigger than you need. You’ll just be paying for wasted space! So make sure you measure everything you’re storing. For larger furniture pieces and appliances, a rough estimate should do just fine. If you’ve measured your stuff and you’re still having a hard time conceptualizing space, here’s a trick to try. Use some painters or masking tape and mark off the space the size of the unit you’re thinking of renting in an open area. Then, start placing your items in the marked-off space to see how quickly it fills up (remember to stack your boxes, most units have a ceiling height of 8 feet!). This trick works best with smaller units.

Go One Size Bigger

When in doubt? Go up a storage unit size. Being more economical by choosing a unit size small than you need isn’t always a good idea. For one, it can be a safety hazard for you. You should avoid stacking boxes four high. Any higher and items could topple and become unsafe while unpacking your unit. Your items also need a little ventilation while in storage, so planning for that extra breathing room around your items is a good idea.

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Let’s Find Your Perfect Storage Unit Size

If you’re still unsure what storage unit size you need, our team at All Secure Storage will help you! Whether you’re storing seasonal items or packing away your entire house, we have an assortment of storage spaces to offer. All Secure Storage is the go-to storage provider for the Western Slopes. With convenient locations in Montrose, Fruita, and Grand Junction, we’ve got your storage needs covered.