Playroom organization might seem hopeless, but with storage furniture, strategy, and imagination, you can transform the space and avoid mess! Here are some ideas to help you get closer to an organized playroom.

Clean Old Things Out (without Your Kids)

We’ve mentioned it before, and we’ll mention it again – the first steps in organizing any space in your home should always start with a declutter. When it comes to playroom organizations, it’s good to get your kiddos involved. However, try and hold off and do the first sweep through yourself.

Very old and/or broken items need to be tossed or donated. These are not items that can be negotiated on, but your kids might try anyway. Seeing toys (even ones they haven’t touched in a long time) be tossed can lead to crying eyes and begging to keep everything. For this first sweep, do it by yourself, and you’ll find that the kids will never miss thee items you get rid of.

Now, Get the Kids Involved

Okay, now it’s time to get the kids involved. If you’re still looking to declutter a mountain of toys, have your kids give you a tour of their stuff. Why? It will illuminate which items are important to them (and which aren’t).

Ask them to show you what’s in their playroom, and they’ll likely show you their “favorite cars” or “best stuffies.” When they show you these items, let them know you understand these items are important and won’t be going anywhere. When you recognize something is meaningful to them, it will prove you’re on their side. Then you can go in and start asking them what items they can part with (not to mention you’ll be able to tell more clearly what things they don’t care about.)

Involving your kids in the organization side and not just the decluttering side is also great. If kids are involved in organizing, they’ll feel ownership over the project and feel more inclined to keep things tidy…or, at the very least, they’ll know where everything should go!

Utilize Cubbies

If you’re looking for the best toy organization helper, look no further than the storage cubby. It’s perfect for toy storage for small bedrooms and spaces, for storing all types of toys for multiple children, and they are easy to wipe clean. Not to mention, it’s easy for kids to see their toys, access them, and put them away when they’re through playing.

Keep Small Toys Organized

Small toys like itty bitty Lego pieces, action figures, matchbox cars, and tiny dolls and their accessories can be a challenge and a pain to keep organized. These little toys will find themselves shoved under the couch or pushed into dark crevices, never to be seen again while the kids complain about losing them.

So, how do you keep track of the small toys? Clear bins with lids (like see-through shoe boxes) are the answer. Small toys go in the small box and are easy to keep together. Even better is labeling the front of the box so there’s absolutely no confusion of what is where.

Consider Toy Rotation

If you’ve got a lot of bigger, harder-to-hide-away toys or just feel like toys are still taking over the play area, consider implementing toy rotation.

Toy rotation is pretty much what it sounds like. You create several groupings of toys, and every week or two, you rotate them. Since the toys are split up into smaller sections, this means easier clean-up, less clutter, and your kiddos more interested in their toys as new ones are reintroduced every week.

Try Not to Let the Toys Migrate

Having a stuffy or a matchbox car floating around your living room is life with kids, but recognize that your entire house does not have to be a playroom. It’s okay to set limits about where your children can play with their toys. You can have adult spaces that are just for adult things. Remind and enforce the boundary that most of their toys should stay in their playroom and shouldn’t migrate out.

Set Up Routines to Help Keep the Space Tidy

Tackling the playroom organization is one thing – it’s another thing to keep it tidy over time! Don’t have this be left up to you. Involve your kids in keeping the space tidy and set up a routine. Maybe each night before the bedtime routine, you put on a song and tidy up together. Or turn tidying into a game! Have the kids count backward from ten and pick up ten items to put back in their homes. Whatever you decide to do, remember two things: make it a habit to tidy up, and make it fun!

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