Moving by yourself? Don’t stress – here are some moving tips to help you turn your solo move from overwhelming to manageable.

Plan Accordingly

Moving requires a lot of moving parts, so it’s best to get right on with planning. Having a clear plan in mind will be crucial to successfully moving by yourself.

Consider how long you’ll need to pack and move, the physical demands that your move will entail, what the weather will be like leading up to moving day, and even knowing traffic patterns during moving times will help you plan effectively.

Plan to Move in the Morning or on the Weekend

One of our favorite solo moving tips is to plan your move for early in the day or during the weekend. This will allow you to get settled into your new space if you can’t afford to take off additional time to move. You’ll be able to get your moving done early while leaving time to unload later, so you don’t have to worry about working late into the night or workweek unpacking.

Reserve Rentals ASAP

Once you have a plan in place, you’ll need to get your rentals sorted out. If you have it in your budget to hire a moving company, make sure to read plenty of reviews to ensure you’re hiring a reliable company. And, of course, hire them early to ensure you snag a spot in their busy schedule.

Another option is to move your items yourself. If you have a small car, it’s probably best to rent a moving truck. The fewer trips you can take, the easier and quicker the move will be. Again, book early to ensure you have a truck set for your moving day. Pro moving tips: try to book a truck rental that has pick-up and drop-off locations close to where your new place is. It will make returning it less of a chore!

Start Packing Early

It’s never too soon to start packing early. In fact, you’ll want to start packing as soon as possible.

It’s easy to start with items that aren’t used often. If it’s summertime, Christmas décor and winter clothes can be the first to be packed away. Paintings, décor, and wall art can go next, as you can go without wall décor until you settle in your new home. Work your way packing everything up until essentials are the last to be packed.

Packing isn’t the most fun part of moving, but chipping away a little each day will help ensure you have it all done before moving day. If you leave it until the last minute, you’ll only end up stressed and overwhelmed.

Pack Boxes Correctly

You don’t want your things to break during your solo move, so packing your boxes correctly is essential. One of the most important moving tips: make sure you use the correct box types when packing. Small boxes should be used for heavy or breakable items and large boxes for lighter items. You don’t want your box to be too heavy to lift, as you’ll risk damaging your items.

Also, be sure to use the right supplies to protect your breakable and valuable items. Bubble wrap and packing paper are great for wrapping dishes, picture frames, and other fragile items. When filling your boxes, you don’t want to leave any gaps. Fill empty spaces with paper, bubble wrap, or even clothes and towels.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Before your solo move, put together a bag of essential items you want to keep organized and easily accessible. Keep items like toiletries, electronics, phone chargers, and a change of clothes on hand, as well as important documents like your Social Security card, birth certificate, and passport. Any item you don’t want to potentially lose or not have access to until you’re unpacked, take it with you! This will save you from worrying and digging through already-packed boxes for necessities. Because this is an easily accessible essentials bag, it’s a good idea to pack snacks, water, and electrolyte drinks to keep you cool and hydrated while moving.

Don’t Forget Loose Ends

Before you move, don’t forget to get your loose ends tied up. One of these loose ends includes notifying your service providers of your address change. There are quite a few service providers to notify your moving, and you don’t want to forget to do so. If you don’t, you could accidentally miss bills or have services lapse. Another loose end is ensuring your prescriptions are filled before your move. You want to make sure you have access to your important meds while moving!

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Make Your Move Stress-Free with All Secure Storage

We hope these moving tips help you during your solo move! Need extra space during your move? Consider renting a self-storage unit. You can enjoy a short-term lease and keep your items in self-storage until you’re ready to bring them to your new home.

For your solo move, All Secure Storage is here to help! We have storage unit rentals available, as well as moving truck rentals if you want to make the moving process a little easier. All Secure Storage is the go-to storage provider for the Western Slopes. With a convenient location in Montrose, we’ve got your storage needs covered.