Whether your collectibles are kept because they’re valuable or cherished, you want to make sure you store them the right way. Here are some of the most popular collectible items and tips on how to store each properly.

Top Collectibles and How to Store Them

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are making a comeback as music fans are looking to recapture and enjoy their distinct sound. Because of their resurgence in popularity, their value has also spiked. Of course, some vinyl records will be worth more than others, but storing your collection is essential regardless.

Ideally, you should protect your vinyl records in polyurethane sleeves inside paper sleeves. They should be arranged upright and with similar-sized records. This will help maintain the condition of the edges and faces of the sleeves, which in turn helps keep your records in the best condition. It’s best to store your collection in a cool, dry place without much sunlight. And if you’re just starting your collection and new to records, remember to only touch the edges of a vinyl record when handling.

Comic Books

Storing your collectibles the right way is always important, but comic books truly take the cake for the priority list of importance. This is because even the most minor defects can impact their value tremendously.

If you’re looking to retain as much value as possible from your comic books, you’ll want to ensure they’re stored correctly. This means keeping each comic book in its own individual sleeve and storing them in a suitable box. This could mean a specialty comic box, an archival storage box, or a DrawerBox. This will protect comics from dust, scratches, and bending. Just like vinyl records, comic books should be stored in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight.

Vintage Toys

They may be originally made for children, but people of any age can take part in collecting vintage toys. For some, selling vintage toys can make a hefty profit. For others, collecting toys is all about the joy of reveling in childhood nostalgia.

With toys you want to keep for a long time, they should be kept in their original packaging. Not only will it help protect the toy, but it will also make them more valuable. If you’re not interested in the value, just make sure when storing your toys that you separate them by the materials they’re made from. Keeping hard and sharp toys away from soft toys helps prevent tears, scratches, and damage that can occur during moving and storage. For stuffed animals, storing them in an acid-free box that allows airflow is the best way to keep them in good condition.

No matter the material, keep your toy collection off the ground with proper storage equipment. And just like the other collectibles we mentioned, a dry, cool place without sunlight is the best environment to keep your toys in top condition.


Coins make for a fun collectible because of their volume, variety, and history. Many coins also have unique designs that can be appreciated for their art and rarity.

No matter how big or small your collection is, make sure your coins are housed in a coin holder, album, or folder. These will ensure protection from dirt and dust while also helping to categorize your collection. Avoid putting your collection in direct contact with paper or cardboard that contains sulfur, as this can cause discoloration over time.


Collecting artwork can be a fun endeavor, but storing artwork can be a little tricky. Storing artwork comes with a lot of considerations, as many materials can deteriorate if mistreated. Paint, oils, and pigments can crack and discolor if they come in contact with dust, other oils, or direct light while being stored. Oftentimes, artwork needs to breathe in storage, so sealing it away for protection is not an option. For your paintings, opt for archival boxes to help keep dust and debris out while protecting the art from deterioration. For ceramics and sculptures, invest in storage shelves to keep these fragile items off the ground. And no matter what medium of art you’re storing, make sure you store your art in a cool, dry place without sunlight.


Often, collecting jewelry (as well as art) is deeply personal and sentimental. Each collection speaks to its owner in a way few other objects can.

To keep your jewelry in great condition for years to come, you’ll want to invest in different storage equipment, depending on what the jewelry type is. Jewelry boxes with soft lining can help prevent dust collection. Silver jewelry, though, should be stored in cotton to prevent tarnishing. And hanging necklaces on a rack can prevent them from tangling.

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