If your closet is a mess, the idea of organizing it may be intimidating. But good closet organization can benefit your life and your wardrobe! To help you tackle your closet organizing this fall, here are a few tips.

Empty Out Your Closet

This first step may be the hardest, but it needs to be done. Take out every item in your closet that you wear and put it on (or around) your bed.

This will likely be overwhelming, or maybe impossible, depending on how many items you own. But this will help you dive right into your closet organization project without putting it off any longer. If you need to, you can do this in stages, like one section of your closet at a time. But, if possible, it’s best to start with a totally clean slate by emptying everything out at once.

Give yourself a head start while pulling your items out by tossing anything that’s damaged beyond repair into a trash bag. This also includes storage bins, hangers, and bags. Also, set aside anything with a missing piece, like a shoe or a bag without a strap. If it doesn’t show up after the organization is complete, consider it trash as well.

Make Some Hard Choices

Now that you pulled everything out, it’s time to sort through it all.

This is where hard choices must come in. If you haven’t done a closet cleanout in a long time, you’ll likely have pieces that are ready to move on from your closet. It can be hard to get rid of clothes that hold emotional significance or clothes that are a bit too small that you want to fit into one day. But these pieces not only take up closet space, but they can also take up mental space as well. So, take a picture of those clothes that are emotionally significant so you don’t forget them, and remember that clothes should fit you, not the other way around. Then remove them from your pile and place them in piles to be donated or sold.

At the end of it all, you should be left with items that fit you, flatter you, and you just can’t part with.

Organize and Rotate Clothes Based on the Season

The best way to organize your closet and maximize the space in it is to organize it seasonally. Since the seasons are very distinct in Colorado, it can be easy to organize your closet. Simply separate your spring/summer clothes from your fall/winter clothes. When you switch out seasons, like replacing your spring/summer clothes with your fall/winter clothes, consider placing them somewhere out of the way. This could be in bins under your bed, in another closet, or in a self-storage unit.

Install Closet Organizers

Now that you’ve downsized and decluttered your wardrobe, this is the time to install closet organization. Whether you go for a full system or just a few added organization pieces, this will help your newly purged closet be more approachable and accessible. So, consider what you need to help you maintain the order you’ve created.

These items can include:

  • Pant hangers
  • Belt/tie hangers
  • Hanging racks for shoes or accessories to place behind closet doors
  • Boxes, cubbies, or shelves for shoes and folded clothing items
  • Hooks attached to walls for accessories
  • Matching hangers for a more organized, coordinated look

Don’t Cram

Eventually, you’ll get new items and add new pieces to your closet. So, as it fills back up, try and stay mindful about the space in your closet. You don’t want to start buying a whole bunch of clothes only to cram your closet full again. A closet that’s crammed is a source of clutter and stress, and it can be difficult to find things when you need them.

Try and leave space in your closet for your belongings to breathe. It will help your clothes, and it will make your life easier.

Consider Self Storage

Not every home has space for unused clothing. If you’ve searched extra storage spots around your home or apartment and have nowhere to place your off-season clothes, consider getting a little outside help.

With a self-storage unit, you can store your extra clothes, shoes, and accessories safely and securely for as long as you need. Renting a unit also allows you to access your closet content whenever you need it, so if it gets hot in April for a weekend, you won’t be far from your short-sleeved shirts or dresses.

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