The benefits of storage are huge, but only if you store your items the right way. To help you avoid rookie mistakes, here are some common things to avoid when renting a storage unit.

Not Researching the Facility

Before you go renting a unit, you need to do sufficient research on the storage facility first. You need to check security measures, amenities offered, and reviews. The last thing you need is to choose a self-storage facility in a rush that doesn’t include basic security features.

We should also mention that before you sign a contract, be sure to read it carefully. This will help you avoid any surprises later on. Look out for things like the monthly rent amount, length of rental time, additional fees such as late fees, and policies on belongings not permitted in storage units.

Skimping on the Unit Size

When you’re a first-timer, estimating the right size unit you need can be hard. While smaller units are more affordable, it’s not great to cram all your belongings into a tiny area. You may save money, but down the line, you’ll risk damaging your possessions.

To help you choose the right size, look at size guides, as they illustrate what exactly can fit in each unit size. We also have a blog post to help you determine the correct size storage unit to get. But when in doubt: go a size bigger. This way, you can ensure all your items fit and you still have some room to grow (if needed).

Packing Up Damp Items

You want your items to be clean when they go into storage. But if you’re taking damp items straight from the dryer into a box to go into storage, you’re going to have some problems.

Moisture (even the smallest amount) can lead to a moldy unit that can damage your items. Before you pack any clothes, put away plush toys, or store fabric furniture, ensure that everything is bone dry. Another tip: avoid storing your items in plastic bags. They can trap moisture easily and quickly ruin your belongings with mold and mildew.

Using Unfit Packing Materials

Speaking of unfit packing materials, packing your items correctly is a crucial step in storing them well.

So avoid plastic bags and old cardboard boxes, and use high-quality moving boxes or plastic bins instead. These boxes will ensure your items aren’t damaged while in storage. Also, skip out on printed newspaper when wrapping fragile items. The ink from the newspaper can bleed onto items, staining and ruining them. Choose high-quality packing materials, like sturdy bubble wrap or plain packing paper, to protect items from breaking during the move.

Moving Too Heavy Boxes

People often make the error of storing too many heavy objects in a single box. Not only does it make the box difficult to move, but it also jeopardizes the box’s stability. You don’t want to be injured while moving a heavy box or have the box’s content slip out the bottom. To avoid this mistake, divide heavy items into various moving boxes and set a weight limit on each box (i.e. no more than 40 pounds).

Not Packing Correctly

While there’s no best way to organize your storage unit, being thoughtful and packing strategically can go a long way in ensuring the efficient use of your unit.

The biggest items go at the back of your unit, like furniture and mattresses. Durable objects can also be the base of a stack, as they can hold the weight of the boxes placed on top of it. Place items you expect to grab often at the front of your unit. And be sure to leave a passage and space between your items so you can reach everything easily and ensure there’s ventilation.

Forgetting About Your Unit

It can happen – you put stuff in a storage unit only to forget you have one and never visit again. Not only would you be wasting money paying for a unit you forgot about, but your items could become damaged.

If you’re storing items long-term, you’re still going to want to visit your unit periodically. Open it up, air it out, and check to see if your belongings are still in good condition. If you notice an issue, you can take the necessary action now so it doesn’t become a big, unfixable problem later.

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