Grand junction woman and man happily moving into their new storage unit with All Secure Storage

Feel secure with our contactless self storage process.

Contactless storage may be the new buzzword on the street, but it’s actually a storage unit philosophy that has been around for a while. What is contactless self storage? It’s where you can search, rent, pay, and enter all without relying on human contact.

At All Secure Storage in Montrose, Grand Junction, and Fruita, we provide an easy, “Do it Yourself,” process. You don’t even need to see our friendly onsite manager; that is, unless you want to check-in and chat about storage units…because we’re fine with that, too.

With modern technology at the touch of our fingertips, there truly is no easier way to rent a unit online. If you’re not renting your storage unit the A.S.S. way, then you’re doing it all wrong!

A: Aquire a Storage Unit Online

All Secure Storage provides 24/7 access for both online and at our facilities. When you find yourself in a bind and needing storage fast, we’ve got you covered. For example, it’s easy to hop online, see what is available, and click “Rent.”

We’ll be honest: Size matters.

Well, at least for storage rentals. Did you know that the average size of a storage unit is 10×10? This is the perfect fit for a two bedroom, apartment, or small office. However, if you are one of the average Americans who owns a three bedroom home, you really should consider upgrading to 10×15. Trust us, it’s worth the extra cost. Moreover, you don’t want to cram your valuables and end up breaking your great-grandmother’s antique hutch. Not moving or downsizing? We offer larger units that are great for storing your classic car alongside of your household valuables. Check out our Size Guide for more information.

Grand junction person renting their storage unit online and securing their final payment

Reservations made easy with 24/7 online and on-site access.

S: Secure Payment Online

Our, “Do it Yourself,” process not only allows you to reserve a storage unit on Western Slope, but it also allows you to pay online, and even create your own unique access code. Completing the online Rental Information only takes seconds, and even allows you to create a customer account. Acquire your storage unit with our secure online payment form, and be ready to create your access code. You’ll receive a payment confirmation and you’ll be ready to get your hands dirty in no time.

S: Satisfaction at Your Fingertips

Access Storage Facility with "Open Gate" button on phone

Contactless self storage brings satisfaction to your fingertips.

Did you know you can access your account from you smartphone? No need to roll down your window and touch the keypad. Simply pull out your phone, enter your unique access code, and voila! It’s one of the more satisfying steps in our A.S.S. method.

Not super tech savvy? That’s okay! All Secure Storage provides a convenient access pad at all of our Colorado locations. Just punch in your access code, and you are good to go. If you ever have any trouble, give us a shout; a friendly onsite manager is always willing to lend a hand.

We’ve Got You Covered

Montrose man and woman gazing into an empty storage unit that they just rented from All Secure Storage.

We’ve got your A.S.S. covered!

All Secure Storage understands that you may wish to have a real, live person walk you through every step. Whether you’re in Montrose, Grand Junction, or Fruita, we enjoy working with our customers to find the perfect storage space for you.

Shoot, you may even want to check out our Truck Rental, too. However, we also understand that during the COVID crisis, you may wish to have the human element removed. We’ve got you covered. Our contactless self storage–the A.S.S. way–is as easy as 1,2,3.

What are you waiting for?