Keep the holiday season stress at bay with the help of some additional breathing room. Here are six ways a self-storage unit can help you during the holidays!

Hide Away Gifts

The holiday season and anticipation of gifts can make anyone, young and old, extra excited. Some might get so excited they like to investigate around the house to find hidden gifts. If you want a place to hide away gifts that will leave your family absolutely stumped on where you put them, a storage unit is the way to go. No matter how many times they ask for a hint or dig in the back of your closet, your secret is safe in a storage unit near you! This will also help keep your gifts in perfect condition.

Be Your Wrapping Hub

If you find wrapping gifts the least enjoyable part of the holiday season, you aren’t alone. Trying to find space and privacy to wrap those big presents, spending time looking for the scissors and then the tape. And just how do you wrap a bicycle discretely?

With a self-storage unit, you can have room to breathe and comfortably wrap your gifts properly. You can also set up your unit in an organized way to ensure you have the ultimate wrapping space that could put Santa’s workshop to shame. Not to mention, having this separate space is a great excuse to have some alone time when things are getting a bit too crazy in the house. It is the season of “peace,” after all!

Protect Belongings While You’re Away

If you’re going to be away visiting family or just heading out on a vacation over the holidays, a storage unit could be a great option to keep your belongings protected. Break-ins tend to spike during this time of year, so get a short-term storage unit rental to keep valuables and expensive belongings safe and secure while you’re away. Place computer monitors, gaming consoles, tax and financial records, and jewelry into your unit before you leave and then pick them up easily when you return.

Make Space for Holiday Guests

If you’re doing the opposite and having family and friends visit you during this time, a storage unit can still come in handy.

As a host, you want your guests to be comfortable, but making the space for them can be a little challenging. Often, spare bedrooms and their closets can become extra storage space for you and your family. A small storage unit might be all you need to have it ready for visitors! You can tidy up your guest room if it’s filled with extra belongings and furniture, or you can temporarily store away your gym equipment to turn your home gym into a living space for guests.

Ease Stress on Business Stockrooms

The holiday season is a boom time for many businesses. For small businesses, this can be an exciting but stressful time. While you’re making the most of the holiday period, this can also mean you’re drowning in more stock than you normally would. This can put a strain on stockrooms, or if you’re a business from home, cause your home to be taken over by your business.

A storage unit can help ease the strain and help a business maximize its opportunities. Rather than paying a fortune for commercial space and getting locked into a lease, you can simply pay for the space you need, for as long as you need it. Businesses of all kinds can also use this space to store documents and equipment to ensure they’re safe if you’re going to be enjoying an end-of-the-year break.

Keep Decorations Safe

A well-decorated space can add an exciting flair to your holidays. But when everything is over, why not free up valuable space in your home by using a storage unit to keep decorations and other seasonal items?

Holiday decorations can be complex, expensive, and, if you’re a lover of decorating, extensive. Outside lights, singing Santas, Christmas trees, décor that’s been passed down from family members…these are items that take up a lot of space in your home and are expensive and difficult to replace. With a storage unit, you can keep all these items clean, dry, and secure until the holidays roll back around again. And if you want to add more items to your collection, don’t worry, you can always upgrade to a larger size unit if you outgrow your current one!

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Let us help you make the most of this time of year and ease the stress of the holidays with a self-storage unit!

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