Are you getting ready to sell your home? The Western Slope’s All Access Storage, wants to help you have a successful home-selling process. Below we have some tips to get you ready to sell your home, the A.S.S. way!


Montrose woman using a tape gun to secure valuables in a moving box to store

Room-by-room, you’ll want to pack and store all of your personal items.

When you are planning to put your house on the market, many real estate agents suggest that you declutter and stage your home. Before you begin organizing your space, you need assemble supplies. We recommend that you have boxes for storage (check out last month’s blog: TremendA.S.S. Moving Tips), white trash bags for donations, and black trash bags for trash. This way you don’t accidentally donate your trash and vice versa.

At A.S.S., we know that clearing out your home can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that you start at one room at a time. Start going through drawers, cabinets, any any other types of storage. Not only will you have your home spick-and-span, you will already be ready for the moving phase when you get the offer you were waiting for. Way to be proactive!

Store It

Grand Junction man using a storage unit before he moves

You want to store about 50% of household items and furniture.

Look, the more items you put in storage, the faster you will sell you home. A recent survey suggests that your home is likely sell 40% faster if your home is thoroughly cleaned and staged. First, think about the amount you need to store. Many real estate agents recommend that you store approximately HALF of your household items. Depending on your lifestyle, that can be a lot. Luckily, All Secure Storage has the perfect storage unit waiting just for you.

So, which items should stay in your home, and which items should go into storage? As you go from room-to-room, you need to picture which key items should stay, and then the rest should go into storage. For example, you should begin packing all your personal items such as family photos or personalized decorative art. Secondly, you should place both your heirlooms and additional furniture into storage. The goal is to create a “light” and “bright” atmosphere in your home.

Straighten Up

Fruita couple staging their home before putting their house on the market.

Make sure key items, such as your couch, is not against the wall.

Now that you’ve cleaned your home top-to-bottom, and you’ve stored all your additional furniture and knick-knacks, it’s time to stage. First, you want to bring all your remaining furniture away from the walls. This “floating” affect actually makes your rooms look bigger! For example, move your couch and chairs away from the wall and center them in the space. Have the pieces facing each other, as to set up for a conversation.

Another great tip is to decorate your dining room table. First, make sure the dining space is not overcrowded. Secondly, create a simple centerpiece of fresh fruit or flowers. After you have successfully staged all of your furniture, it’s imperative that you maintain clean surfaces and that you keep clutter away. You want the potential buyer to walk into your home, and let them visualize themselves living there. Therefore, keep your wall spaces and furnishes simple.

Self-Storage, Your Way

“How to get ready to sell your home?,” is a common question for us. By being proactive and renting your storage unit early, you’ll save a lot of headaches when you start the decluttering phase of the selling process. At All Secure Storage, we always recommend renting a storage unit for a long as you think you’d need to accommodate the sale of your home, and you’ll already be prepared when you arrive to the moving phase! Also, we have moving trucks available to help you get your home ready to sell.

Whether you are moving around the Western Slope, or you are moving from out of state, we have the perfect storage unit for you. With convenient locations in Montrose, Fruita, and Grand Junction, we’ve got your storage needs covered. Come see us today!

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