It’s no secret that July is peak season for moving. Luckily for you, we have three tremendA.S.S. moving tips to make your moving and storing tremendously easy.

A. Acquire the Right Boxes

Before you start packing, we recommend two boxes to make your move easier.

TV Boxes

moving boxes for dishes and using packing paper is the best way to move and store dishes and glasware

Don’t let your dishes become a statistic. Buy dish boxes!

Small screen, big screen…either way, you need to protect your flatscreen TV. Don’t be one those people who just wrap their beloved TV in a blanket, only to have it be scratched (or even worst–broken) while moving. Most TV box kits come with a foam blanket and foam corner protectors for added protection. Trust us, it’s way better to buy a TV box than spend a grand on replacing your TV.

Dish Boxes

Did you know that the number one item to break while moving are dishes? Buying a dish box will keep your dishes safe and sound. How? Dish boxes have a double layer of corrugated cardboard, which provides the much needed padding to keep your dishes safe. Here’s an added tip, instead of layering your plates on top each other, stack your wrapped plates vertically. You’ll be able to add more in the box, and they’ll be safe and you won’t be sorry.

S. Storing Your Stuff

Ready for more moving tips? Moving and storing household items takes time and energy. We recommend beginning your packing process about 30 days before your closing date. In addition to the two boxes we suggest above, here are a few more supplies you’ll need to in order to save and store your valuables.

Packing Paper

Don’t get us wrong, bubble wrap is useful, and who doesn’t love popping those bubbles? However, its bulkiness tends to creates more mass, and doesn’t allow you to store as much stuff together in a box like packing paper does. We recommend taking packing paper, and wrapping every breakable item you have. Lay the paper out diagonally, and wrap your item like it’s a Subway sandwich, tucking the sides of the paper in as you roll. This gives the protection you need, and allows you to fit more items in your boxes.

Tape Gun

tape guns are one of the most useful tools when moving

Tape guns will have you taping boxes at bullet speed.

If you’ve ever moved before, or if you’ve helped your friends move, you know that you need packing tape. Lot’s of it. However, don’t find yourself in a sticky situation. You need to buy a tape gun, too. A tape gun will save you time when reassemble your boxes, and you’ll spend less time peeling the tape apart. Since you’ll need about one roll of tape for every two rooms in your home, a tape gun will have you taping up boxes with the speed of a bullet.

Permanent Markers

Whether you’re moving from home-to-home, or from home-to-storage, markers will help alleviate the frustration of Who?, What?, Where?

Even if you do not have a large family, it’s important to label the contents of the boxes and the final destination of these contents. This helps you, and anyone who helps you move, place the boxes appropriately in either your new home or in the storage unit. Here’s an added tip: Buy an array of colors and color code your labeling system. Also, be sure to label multiple sides of your boxes.

S. Secure Your Moving Truck

Moving Truck Rental in Grand Junction, CO

Don’t be a dumb A.S.S…our truck rentals are the cheapest around!

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