If your RV is taking up too much space in your driveway or your boat is clogging up the garage, boat and RV parking is for you. Here are some storage tips to help you keep your investment in mint condition while it’s parked.

Inspect and Clean

The first thing you want to do is make sure your vehicle is in good shape before you park and leave it. A dirty boat or RV can attract dust and dirt, and over time the dirt can damage the paint, lead to rust and corrosion, and eventually weaken the body. To avoid these damages, give your vehicle a good scrub down. Make sure all dirt, mud, bird droppings, and leaves are cleared off the exterior.

Clean out the inside as well. Remove all perishables and clean up all crumbs and food stains to avoid any rodent break-ins while you’re away. Use an all-purpose cleaning solution to wipe down non-porous surfaces and vacuum any soft surfaces like carpet, upholstery, etc. Remove all valuable or personal items and don’t forget about all the electronics. Switch off and unplug all appliances.

The deep clean will give you a good idea of the condition of your boat or RV, but do one more check to make sure everything is in good shape. If you find any issues now and leave them to fix later, you may find they’ve gotten worse (and maybe more expensive to fix). Check seams, windows, doors, and roofs for any issues or cracks. If you notice a problem, get it fixed before storing.

Fill Up the Tank

Whether short-term or long-term, filling up your boat or RV tank before storing is also good practice. Not only does it eliminate the hassle when you’re ready to pick up your vehicle again, but it also protects your tank. When you leave your tank partially full in storage parking, moisture can get in. When moisture gets into your tank, it can cause rust to develop and corrode it. A full tank helps keep any excess moisture (and the problems that come with it) out. If you’re leaving your vehicle in boat or RV parking long-term, consider adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from degrading.

Protect the Battery

Removing your battery is a worthwhile way to not only protect your boat or RV but extend the life of your battery.

Batteries will discharge over time. This is unavoidable. What is avoidable is completely discharging your battery. Every time your battery is drained under 50% of its rated capacity, it shortens its life span. It can also cause battery fluid to leak, and if you’re storing your vehicle during the winter, the fluid can freeze. This freezing will cause it to expand and crack the battery’s plastic housing, thus ruining it. To avoid all this trouble, disconnect your battery and store it in a safe, dry location, like your garage (granted it doesn’t get too cold).

Check the Tires

This is an important tip for not only RVs but boat trailers as well. Before you store, make sure all tires are in good shape. If tires are left unaired for too long, flat portions can develop on the treads and surface. This can cause the rubber to deform and make the tires unsafe for the road.

When you eventually pick up your vehicle, you don’t want to deal with any problems from when you stored it. So check all the tire pressures and inflate them to the recommended amount before storing.

Get it Covered

Whether you choose outside or covered boat or RV parking, you should consider getting your vehicle an all-weather cover. It will help to prevent any dust or dirt from getting on your boat or RV, as well as prevent UV damage and fading.

When choosing your cover, make sure you’re getting the right size. You want it to be big enough it covers your entire vehicle, but not too big where it flaps around if a strong wind blows. There are lots of options out there, so if you need help picking one out, look for one that was made for your specific vehicle make and model.

Find a Location to Store

Finding the right location is crucial, as you want to keep your investment safe while it’s parked. If you can, go and see the storage facility in-person to ensure your boat or RV will be safe and secure. Look for security measures like camera surveillance, gated perimeter, secure entry, and on-site managers.

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