Do you ever notice all the new self-storage facilities popping up around town and wonder why? Do that many people really use storage units, and what could they be putting inside them? Well, there are many reasons people use self-storage units, one of the top reasons being moving. Want to know about other reasons people use storage units? We are going to tell you about some of the top reasons people use self-storage units.

1. Moving

There are many different reasons people move, whether it’s moving to another state, moving into a first home, or moving to upsize or downsize. Moving can be a very stressful process, and many times renting a self-storage unit can provide relief when it comes to common moving problems.

Reasons people rent a storage unit during a move:

  • Downsizing: Moving to a smaller home, whether it be because kids have moved out, or you need a more affordable place, can be difficult. When it comes to your belongings you can use a storage unit. Instead of making quick decisions about what you can and can’t keep, or what you think you need and don’t need, rent a storage unit so that you can sort through your belongings when you have time.

  • Closing/Moving Date Pushed Back: If you need to be out of your home by September 30, but your closing date or day to move into your new place isn’t until October 15, a storage unit will come in handy! In fact, it’s more than handy, it may be more of a necessity. Moving is inconvenient, so moving twice will be the downfall, but at least you’ll have a place for your stuff, and it will be kept safe.

  • Traveling: If you travel a lot for work, or are in the military, having a storage unit to keep your home base items will come in handy. This way, once you are ready to settle down, your storage unit will have items you need for a longer-term home.

  • Combining Homes: When a couple moves in together, or a parent moves in with a child or vice-versa, there may be extra stuff. A storage unit can give you and your family space and time you need to get things settled.

If you rent a storage unit from us, we also offer moving truck rentals to help make your move smoother. 

2. To Free Up Space

Homes or apartments can become cluttered and messy. Many people use self-storage units to declutter their living space. Many people want to declutter, but don’t want to necessarily get rid of things. Sounds contradicting right? This is where self-storage units are helpful. There may be items that belong to other family members or friends or have a sentimental attachment, but are taking up too much space. Many people will rent a storage unit so that they are able to go through the decluttering process and keep their home clean and tidy. Storage units are also great for people who have different decorations and home decor that they like to switch out from time to time, or during different seasons.

3. To Store A Loved One’s Belongings

When a loved one passes, going through their belongings usually isn’t on the top of the to-do list. However, there may be some pressure to get the house sold or rented, and in order to do this, the belongings need to be emptied. A storage unit will give you a place to move the items into until there is a good time or you are ready to sort through their stuff. When a loved one passes there are a lot of emotions and waiting to go through their belongings can help when it’s time to decide where items go, or who gets possession of them.

4. To Empty A College Dorm Room

Many college students have the dilemma of what to do with their stuff during the Summer months when school isn’t in session. Storage facilities in Grand Junction are always packed with Colorado Mesa University students and their families come May and June. A storage unit is a much more simple solution than having to haul a dorm room full of belongings back home.

5. A Place To Keep Business Inventory

Many people have home-based businesses that end up taking over their entire home. This can start to wear on a person, and although your home business is important, so is your sanity. So use a storage unit to keep excess items. Many home-based or small businesses rent storage units as an affordable way to keep track of inventory. Read more about storage for businesses in our blog: Storage For Small Businesses. 

Renting a storage unit can be a simple solution to many different situation. If you’re in need of a storage unit, we offer different sizes for different needs, and we have high secure storage unit facilities with 24/7 access for your convenience.