Moving expenses can add up quickly! But we’re here to help with tips on how to budget for moving expenses and other ways to save money while moving. Moving can also be a very stressful experience and extra expenses can just add to that stress. When you move, whether it is near or far, you’re starting something over and beginning a new chapter of your life. 

Don’t Move During Moving Season

There’s a reason why summer is the most popular season for moving. Kids are out of school so it is easier for families with kids to move. College is usually out and students may be looking at other housing options. Kids are graduating and moving out, looking for places to rent or possibly buy. The weather is nice and it’s ok to leave the doors open and you won’t track in snow if you’re moving in Colorado.

All of this combined creates a whole lot of people looking to buy or rent homes and apartments to move in to. Which makes competition for properties pretty fierce! Sellers can generally charge more for their homes because there is a larger market of people looking to buy. Landlords can charge more for rentals because everyone is looking to get a place. And if you do get a rental, you can end up with a higher monthly payment that will continue on when you renew your lease. In the winter, you can sometimes negotiate on things such as down payments with landlords since they may be looking to fill empty rentals. Moving companies may run off-season specials or discounts. Moving during the winter months in Colorado can save you money both initially during your move and can save you money down the road on expenses such as rent.

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Plan Ahead for Moving Expenses

Going right into your move without a plan can create some unexpected expenses. Do some research on how much things will realistically cost and leave some room in your budget for unexpected expenses. Make a plan by creating a timeline of when you need to move out of your old place and when you need to move into your new place. If you need to utilize a storage unit during your move, keeping your storage unit organized will help you keep your plan on track. If you’re using a moving company or are renting moving trucks, do some research on different companies. Just because you used one company the last time doesn’t mean that they’ll be as good or have the same prices.

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Find New Ways to Fund Your Move

Before you start packing everything up to move, look through what you don’t need or don’t use any more. Having a moving sale before you start packing can help you not only get rid of some clutter but can also give you a little money to help fund your move. If you’re moving to a new place that is a long distance away and have a new job lined up, see if they offer any incentives or help with moving costs. If you’ve helped a friend move, see if they can return the favor. And don’t forget about bartering! People still love to barter and it can save you a lot of money when moving. If you have skills that others need, see if they’ll trade for services.

Don’t Spend on Things if You Don’t Need To

When you’re moving in to or out of a place, utilities need to be transferred. If you’ll no longer be using the property you’re moving out of, transfer the utilities as soon as possible. You don’t need to be paying for utilities that you won’t be using. If you can’t transfer utilities yet, turn the thermostat up or down to conserve energy and save on costs. You can also save money by never buying boxes. There are plenty of places where you can get boxes for free. There’s no need to spend money on new boxes just to hold your things for a little while!

Moving expenses take have to take control of your move. With the right planning, you can avoid at least some of the stress that comes from moving. Are you moving to Colorado? Be sure to learn more about moving to Grand Junction and moving to Montrose. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our storage units available.